Almost at the end of my second month here, and I’ve had a few recent adventures…i promise a better blog update next post, but for now, here’s a quick recap:

My fellow brand associates (first year MBA class at work) and I joined the MBA interns for a wine tasting tour (who knew Missouri had wine?) in a rented stretch Hummer limo. Nothing says wine connosieur like a white, 18-passenger, monstrously long SUV limousine with neon upholstery, right? Turns out there are some lovely vineyards and views west of the city and – in the case of Chandler Hill – some really excellent bubbly.

Dinner & theater, again with my associate class, the interns, and the boss. We enjoyed a night at the Muny, St. Louis’ outdoor amphitheater (and “America’s Largest and Oldest Outdoor Musical Theater”). Mercifully the heat was only high 80s/low 90s…I remember when I thought 85 degrees was hot. Ha! We saw Bye Bye Birdie, which had really fun costumes and was a great show, despite all the singing and dancing. Bonus: I now know who Ed Sullivan is.

Busch Stadium see the St. Louis Cardinals play and celebrate the opening of the new Bowtie Bar on the 2nd level. I love the way this town loves baseball and Albert Pujols. If they don’t keep him here, i suspect there will be a state-wide gloom that doesn’t budge for months and months. There’s enough serious bad news in the world right now – don’t take Pujols away, too.

And this weekend was a lovely ladies’ dinner with a group of new friends – rooftop sunset dining at Vin de Set, one of my new favorite restaurants in town. I’m starting to build a list of fun to-dos here – City Museum, Rams game (hooray, NFL’s back!), Parties in the Park…