It’s my third week here in St. Louis, so I can’t claim to be new to the Lou much longer… so far it’s been exhilarating, exhausting, and everywhere in between. A quick update:

I started three weeks ago at work (earlier than planned, for a special temporary assignment) and I love, love, love my new job and am 4000% sure i took the right position at the right company for me (phew!). On the other hand, i’ve been dreaming nightly about work – a warning sign of impending workaholism? Hope not. I’m part of a small marketing group that has a gigantic global scope. The work itself is insanely cool and demanding (can you tell I’m itching to spill what type of work it is, but I can’t?) and some days I say ok, I think I can do this – and others I’m in way, way over my head and want to hide under my desk. Somehow i think it would reflect poorly on Darden if i did that. My boss is a roguish marketing rockstar who has been, so far, the best manager of my entire working life. Not kidding – he’s supportive and challenging and available and inspiring and intimidating, all in the space of each conversation.  My coworkers are beer-industry veterans who lunch together almost every day in the company cafeteria and easily folded me into their routine. Yesterday’s lunchtime topic: are you friends with your exes on Facebook?

I live in a great apartment with a couple quirks. It’s a remodeled historic building, which means plaster walls (all art won’t be hung up), petite arched doorways (heirloom white couch doesn’t fit through, now slated for Goodwill – that’s a whole other identity crisis/story), laundry machines (swoon!) and… a keycard front door lock. Like a hotel. A keycard!?! It’s bright orange and doesn’t fit on my keychain. At least a hotel gives me two keycards and replaces them at no cost. Here, I get one only – and it’s $25 to replace. Highway robbery! The best I can come up with to prevent losing it is inspired by childhood visits to my grandmother in her senior citizen home. She and most of her neighbors would decorate outside their apartments, hallway flair like flowers or baskets or paint-by-the-numbers masterpieces. Well, now I’m considering some exceptionally hideous decorative item to put outside my door to hide the keycard under. Like a fierce gnome or a drowsy dragon or something. That way it’ll never, ever get lost. That’s not weird at all, right?

As for the rest of it here, I’m trying to re-learn how to commute, work 8 to-6ish every day and still have a social life, work out and keep up with Words With Friends. I’m pretty sure I did it for 7+ years prior to Darden, but it’s taking a while to come back. I miss my Darden friends like crazy –it’s amazing how many people have taken the time to call, text and email me to check in and make sure i have a pulse and am not in the midst of a nervous breakdown (apologies to everyone who I owe calls, texts and emails to – I promise I’m alive and not ignoring you!). My body yearns for CrossFit, and I’m going tomorrow for the first time here.

AND, of course I want to keep blogging – but I’m not sure about what, as yet. New title, theme, scheme, COMING SOON! (suggestions welcome)

Sweet peek-a-boo dragon...or crafty key-hider?