It’s the last night of Spring Break before SY Q4 starts, and if I were the counting type, I’d say it’s 56 short days until graduation. WOW! Since the Egypt trip was cancelled, I stayed stateside and really enjoyed the time off, visiting friends & family and generally relaxing. While i should be prepping for my 8am class (who takes an 8am class in SY Q4?), instead i’ll share highlights of Spring Break:

Waking up utterly distraught, then realizing why: I hadn’t made a list in 4 whole days. That’s 96 hours! For a confirmed, committed lifestyle-list-maker like me, that’s almost sacrilege. No wonder I felt so relaxed. (Don’t worry, I’m operating fully in list mode now. One can only get so loosey-goosey before things just fall apart…or so i hear).

Sporting around Scottsdale, AZ, enjoying the desert heat, West-Coast sensibilities, hanging out with my awsome brother and driving his zippy Volkswagen GTI 6-speed that’s peppy, turbo-quick and so fun to drive. Unexpected side effect of driving a car like that? The impulse to race almost everyone next to me whenever I’m at a stoplight. Just a bit of pretending like I’m at the wheel of a Mini Cooper in the Italian Job can’t hurt, right?

Seeing Limitless, a great movie about accessing all of your potential brainpower via a pill. Highly recommend – if indeed humans only use 20% of their brain, can you imagine the possibilities of fully engaged brains? Would you use your new superbrain for good, profit, evil, hedonism? And I couldn’t help thinking how the ethical situations presented in this movie would make an excellent Darden case. I liked it so much i’ll probably see it again before it leaves the theater.

Toddlermania! Playing with the adorable little people my coupled-off friends have produced. Parenting = tough stuff. I should call my mom & dad and say thank you….

Smackdown: potential vs. pragmatism. Discovering a complete infatuation with an unfinished studio space in St. Louis that I could design myself and have built to be the perfect, perfect apartment space. And then, thankfully, the injection of pragmatism from friends who reminded me it’s no fun to manage contractors and I’m on a budget and i’ll need to focus on my new job. Oh, right. Maybe a full-service rental apartment is the way to go…

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf iced blended drinks. Yum! Luckily there’s no equivalent in Cville, or i’d be in trouble…

Spring Training baseball – watching awesome players like Ichiro Suzuki and the Seattle Mariners and enjoying the 11,000-seat mini-ballpark featuring lawn seating with picnics, $5 parking, and positively laid-back-looking MLB players showing off for the crowd.

Hiking Camelback Mountain and the unbelievable 360 degree view, and the sense of accomplishment as knock-kneed, bow-legged me managed to climb 1,200 feet in elevation in just 1.2 miles.

Mellow Mushroom trivia with my roommate & his dad. And my boy-band phase (circa 2003) finally paying off – since I knew where the band O-Town hails from.

Gorging on books – reading Little Bee, The Imperfectionists, The White Tiger and The Great Gatsby (all Business Ethics reading seminar assigned reads) cover-to-cover in great chunks of free time.

Camelback Mountain