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Spring Break! I’m mushy-brained after papers, papers and more papers and one lone exam, all turned in today. Even as an English major trained to write (see Miss MBA’s post about a recent WSJ article claiming MBAs can’t write), I think I prefer exams. Exams are a quick, finite, high-performing capsule of time – whereas agonizing over papers takes inordinate amounts of time (the actual writing part goes swiftly). As a delightful form of procrastination I’ve attacked my Words With Friends/iPhone Scrabble app with renewed vigor, and currently have 6 games going at once with friends all across the country. What, that’s not normal? Says who?

You have to try this.

I learned something new and fantastic this week from one of our Swedish exchange students:  Prezi! It’s only the coolest presentation software ever, and a welcome change from PowerPoint. Prezi gives you an artboard-type workspace, like a blank desk, and you add content and animate it into an almost-3D-like movie. Working on our Prezi for an in-class presentation made me rethink everything about how I approach presentations. Instead of slide-by-slide bullet points, Prezi forces visually cohesive, dynamic creation – sort of mind-mapping. I spent hours this weekend making mistakes and experimenting with it, and am already scheming about where else I can use Prezi.

Another cool project that I’m starting now for Q4: Project Black Rhino. A classmate and I are co-writing a new case to add to the Creative Capitalism/Ethics curriculum. The inspiration was an article in BusinessWeek we discussed in class – about a game ranch in South Africa that breeds the endangered Black Rhino and also sells permits to hunt and kill the Black Rhino. After a lively discussion (is it ethical? is it productive? is it conscious or creative capitalism?), the professor asked for volunteers to write a case about it (another awesome thing about Darden). We moan and groan over the dry cases we have to read, but not this one. This one will be a thrilling page-turner full of captivating characters and slippery questions that prompt provocative classroom conversations, a sure best-seller! ($10 says my alliterative tendencies will get vetoed by the editing committee…)

For Spring Break, I’m off to Phoenix to see my brother, and it just so happens that Major League Baseball Spring Training is in full swing! Hello, sluggers! Come here often? Can’t wait to see Cactus League games in the sunny 80-degree weather. I’m arriving with a suitcase full of books for my Q4 Reading Seminar, “Business Ethics through Literature” and of course my trusty Virginia t-shirt. After all, we alums are everywhere…

Black Rhino. Sassy-looking fellow, isn't he?