This past weekend three friends, folks who graduated last year as Darden 2010s, visited me and wanted to do all the fabulous fun things I do pretty regularly – nightlife at the Corner, lunch on the Downtown Mall, a visit to Darden Grounds, delicious frozen yogurt from Arch’s, etc. Their delight in coming back to visit along with the real-world post-MBA perspective was a bit unsettling. It was a good reminder that being here in the bubble is tremendously fantastic compared to the workaday life. I quizzed them carefully about life “out there” in the real world, what it’s like, how the student loan payments really are (crippling? manageable?) and how to make the best of the time off before work starts. Speaking of, my start date was announced as July 11, 2011 (so soon!) which prompted me to begin the interesting process of internet-apartment-hunting in St. Louis (any/all suggestions welcome!). I’m so excited for my new job and the next adventure – and simultaneously sad about leaving.

Next week Q3 exams are due, and my Creative Capitalism class requires a business plan in lieu of an final exam. I have two distinct ideas that I think are viable and have social benefit (one financial services, one horse-related), but beyond that I’m not sure how to proceed. Frustratingly, the professor stood in front of us and said the wrong time to write a business plan is up front, before you work on your idea, because the business plan will be very large – the size of the business plan is equal to the size of your ignorance. He said it should fit on a napkin. As tempted as I am to turn in a cocktail napkin (monogrammed, of course) as my final, I’m more tempted to explore enough to produce 2 solid business plans, one for each idea, and see what happens. I didn’t particularly come here thinking of myself as an entrepreneur, but I may leave here itching to be one.

In social news, I’m thrilled that we have a whopping 18 teams registered for the Chili/Curry Cook-Off this week! They’ll compete for Best Chili, Best Curry, Best Overall (includes décor, spirit, accessories) and the new Generic Antacid Honorable Mention (since I didn’t secure a name-brand sponsor like Pepto). Also, Darden Student Association elections are complete, which means I’m a lame duck VP of Social. My successor is a Double Hoo like me, and also a student blogger – Darden Poet – and all around rocks. She officially takes over on April 1st (happy April Fool’s Day!). It seems I really do have to leave the bubble…but thankfully, not quite yet.

Obviously, it's a business plan in the making.