And…. Q1 SY is almost over! I’ve just turned in my hardest finance exam (bond pricing, anyone?) and have a huge sense of relief. Only one group project and one PowerPoint to go before officially done with the quarter. I doubled up on leadership classes, hoping the immersion/inundation approach might just do the trick and help me refine my inner (recovering) control freak into a savvy, enjoyable leader. As usual, my expectations are WAY too high, and while I think it’s sorta working, it’s also sorta making me want to write apology letters to everyone I’ve ever managed in the past.

The past few weeks have been full of ups and downs. Lately I’ve been having delicious spontaneously moments where in the middle of nothing special, it occurs to me – I’m HAPPY! Truly happy. The best way i can describe it is that i feel sparkly on the inside. I love it. In contrast, I’ve been frustrated at having to take normal life more slowly and carefully than usual. I took a tumble off Ron the Wonder Horse (entirely my fault – operator error) and fractured one of those teensy vertebrae in the tailbone region. I’ve been grounded from the gym (grrrr!) and toting an airplane neck pillow around to sit on (yes, I’m too proud to sit on a true donut) and cursing every time I sneeze. Now that i’m on the mend, at least i’m able to laugh about it (comical situations arise almost daily due to my “broke-*ss”). Yes, i promise to take better care of myself.  

Meantime, Fall in Cville is when SYs’ thoughts turn to … jobs. We’re all in the enviable position of being able to really think about what we want to do post-business-school, and pursue jobs accordingly. It seems like a dauntingly large Life Decision looming. I don’t have any answers at the moment, but appreciate the luxury of time to consider things (preferably from a recline or while standing – this sitting thing is overrated, particularly when a special pillow is involved). And, it wouldn’t be Darden without a social whirl of events – this week we had the annual Pie-Eating and Apple-Bobbing competition, next week is a Social on a gorgeous Virginia farm with a bonfire next to a lake and s’mores galore, and then it’s a tailgate for UVA Homecoming and the Halloween party is right around the corner…