First, an abject apology from delinquent blogger: it’s true, I’ve neglected blogging, and I’m so sorry! I’ve been waiting for SY to inspire me the same way FY did. Most certainly, FY worked me over. As Miss MBA puts it, we were fed into the machine and rode the conveyor belt of required classes through First Year. The comfortable complacency cultivated in my corporate life changed to a mode of constant discovery and challenge, sparks of comprehension illuminating copious clouds of confusion. It was ok, though, because I was with a cohort of companions who were in the same boat. LT-mates, Section-mates, we were all smooshed together most of the time, exposed to the same things, moving down the same path. I’d argue this is what the Darden FY curriculum is supposed to do – get your brain sparking on all cylinders, and importantly – provide a standardized foundation for all FYs to build on. Yes, the CPAs had to sit through accounting. The corporate financiers had to sit through Finance. No opting out, people.

It was dramatic and delightful and delicious and defining and difficult and lots of other good words that start with d.

And now, Second Year is… more like an amusement park as we explore classes at will. I am working on projects I care about deeply, but they are more outside the classroom than in at the moment. And as much as I love that freedom, I haven’t had much discovery euphoria or epiphany highs from learning something totally foreign, novel and outside my comfort zone (yes, I crave the rush that happened when I finally figured out accounting. Stop laughing, you smug CPAs). Am I not paying enough attention? Has the classroom environment changed? I’d argue yes on both counts. I’m paying less attention to certain things since LT doesn’t force my study schedule and I’m no longer directly accountable to six other people smarter than me. Sometimes that freedom works in my favor as I spend disproportionate amounts of time on inherently interesting stuff. Sometimes not so much as I neglect the tedious stuff. And if this is typical of SY, and the experience of my classmates, of course the classroom feel has changed also. I’m not technically signed up for a formal class in self-discipline here, but it may be one of the best refresher courses I take during SY….

Can o' inspiration. Yes please!

I'll take two.