Week 10 of 12, and things are hectic!

They have been feeding us, which is nice, during weekly Lunch N’ Learns with senior folks in marketing. It was a treat to sit down this week with my boss’ boss’ boss, aka the VP of Marketing. We talked business and beer, and at the conclusion of our hour, he stayed longer to give us advice. After 23 years and more than a dozen different jobs with the company, he’s seen a lot and done a lot. His advice: be candid, be influential, be humble. I love and hate advice like this. Love it because it’s sensible and achievable. Hate it because it’s hard to consciously stop yourself during your daily professional life and inquire within: am I being candid? If I were behaving humbly, how would I respond? How can I successfully influence this situation?

While pondering that, we’re also prepping this week for superscary panel-style interviews on Friday afternoon. These aren’t normal interviews…they’re uber-interviews with 3 or 4 MBA interns in a room with the North American Zone President (yikes!), the Chief People Officer (eek!) and several other seriously senior people. Talk about nervous gym tummy. The hope is this interview process will end with a full-time job offer for summer 2011, when I have a shiny new MBA. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I’m trying to finish strong on all my projects (hello, PowerPoint deckage), plan our Darden Social events for Fall (Luau, anyone?), stay off a mildly sprained ankle, and hit the rest of my St. Louis must-visit spots. T-minus 16 days!