I’ve just finished week 2 of my 12 week internship. Honestly, i wasn’t sure what to expect, but i’m loving it!

My Summer Employer (SE) is obviously the culprit. First, they gave me my own cubicle with a big desk, a landline telephone, and a nice view of the river. And, when i spin in my desk chair, a view of the city too. Yes, i was a little alarmed at how easily i slipped back into the routines of corporate cubicle life, but after haunting the halls of Darden for a LT room or just a private, quiet workspace, my own desk is a huge luxury. Our merry band of interns (4 guys… and me) acts as an internal consultant group, and we each have multiple marketing projects assigned from different groups. For curious, multi-tasking me, trained on working through 2-3 cases a day, this is a great fit.  Plus it provides good exposure to various groups and people in the company. And, there’s this amazing thing they do here called summer hours – 9 hour days M-Th and leaving up to 4 hours early on Friday. Awesome!

I keep offering to fetch coffee or lunch, any of those typical intern-y duties, but they won’t let me. Not to mention, they think i’m GOOD at Excel here. I keep telling them that i’m an Excel doofus compared to some of the people at school, but suddenly i seem to be quite functional at pivot tables (!) and am itching to learn how to do V- and H-lookups. This is also quite alarming, but i’m going with it, for now. They stashed the interns one floor below my boss and the groups we work with, and i’m getting fantastic exercise running up and down the stairs between floors. For some reason i have this odd impulse to make jazz hands or spirit fingers or announce “TA DA!” every time i pop out of the stairwell onto the top floor, but somehow i think they’d think that’s a little…. odd.

The experience so far has been really great. Friendly people and good work, and i can only hope that i have enough self control to keep refraining from stairwell theatrics for another 10 weeks…