Setting: South of France, seaside
Scene: French villa, high on a hill (sadly, not my accomodations, but my internship location)
I’m a budding international film PR maven! Well, not really after only 2 days of working here in Cannes, but it’s a pretty thought, isn’t it? My first trip to Europe has so far been enlightening, educational, frustrating (my constant refrain: “excusez-moi” and “pardon”) and delightful. Nutella crepes are a new favorite, and j’adore waking up to an ocean view every morning. With thousands of industry folk in town to do business, and hundreds of films to market and sell, it’s a remarkable bustle of action. My internship is assisting a British PR firm that’s responsible for publicizing 9 films here competing at the festival. I can see how PR is quite an alluring gig….more on that later.
The film festival officially kicked off yesterday with Russell Crowe as Robin Hood in the opening selection. A few of the Darden folk here managed to get last-minute tickets to the 11:30 pm late-late showing (black tie required). After a frantic dash back to the hotel in a neighboring town to don fancy wear, we high-tailed it back to Cannes in time for a cocktail. It began raining during my first glass of French champagne and didn’t let up. Walking the red carpet in the rain? Unacceptable! Magically, a man selling umbrellas materialized and kindly sold me one in a delicious aubergine shade to match my handbag. If you’re going to traipse about a foreign country in formal wear (potentially my new favorite sport), you may as well match, right? A vast canopy of umbrellas shielded red carpet until we streamed into the 2,200-seat Grand Theatre Lumiere. Seen by day, it’s an expanse of neon pink velour seats and polished woodwork – by night, it’s a vast yet cozy space designed with unbelievable views from every vantage point.
Starstruck? Haven’t had a sighting. Filmstruck? Perhaps – there’s more than a bit of magic here. Cannestruck, surement!