So guess what? I just finished my final class of my First Year at Darden. And I’m feeling rushingly, crushingly nostalgic all of the sudden. If you’d asked me a year ago at this time if I even thought I’d be here now, I’d have said you were crazy. For me, so often the people make a place, and I’m already keenly feeling the impending departure of my graduating Second Year friends as well as the temporary absence of my First Year classmates as we prepare to tackle our summer internships. I’ve been jokingly referring to the Second Years as “yogurt” – with the approximate shelf life here at Darden of just a week or two. Looking ahead, I can’t wait to be a Second Year myself – but feel like First Year went by too quickly.

Professors have really surprised me with their treatment of the last class. My Entrepreneurial Thinking professor charged us with changing the world, and then said if thing standing in our way to becoming a successful entrepreneur was worries about a place to live and food on the table – she has a spare room, and promises 2 hot meals a day. And she meant it – she’d gladly house a fledgling entrepreneur. My Interpersonal Communications professor encouraged us to call her this summer if we need help with presentations, sticky situations at work, or just to say hello. My Decision Analysis prof told me to call him if (when) I need help this summer at work. I love it, and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen at most schools.

What next? In true Darden style, chockablock with events: tonight is Iron Chef competition, then a student play, then the final TNDC of the year (and i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a mass streaking of the Lawn afterwards). Then Darden Days (a weekend of events for admitted students to meet current students), two exams and two papers before leaving the Darden Bubble for a trip to France for the Cannes Film Festival, a wedding in Charlotte, and then road trip to St. Louis!