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I’ve been fired up lately. All of the sudden I have projects upon projects that I feel STRONGLY about. So much so that I tend to get all sorts of intense about having each one be amazing, tremendous, fantastic, perfect and flawlessly executed. And, always the best relative to whatever benchmark is out there. Of course, this is not really realistic all the time. And it causes those close to me to shake their heads and urge me to simmer down. Why do I care so much? I’m not sure.

But it makes me feel alive. I’m incredibly fortunate and grateful to be here, but I’ve had days and weeks where I’m not thrilled about the work in front of me. And then, projects like my current ones come along and I spark.

And that’s something to pay attention to.

So my key learning of late is to PAY ATTENTION to what makes me feel inspired, curious, intense, passionate, fired up. A friend recently asked me over a delicious sushi dinner what I’d like to do post-MBA if money or paying back student loans weren’t concerns. It was one of the most animated conversations I’ve had in a while, and I surprised us both with the length of my list. I’d own at least two small businesses, be an artist, develop a new line of salad dressing/dipping sauce, author a novel/screenplay, become a certified North American Riding for the Handicapped instructor , plan glamorous, high-dollar events and fundraisers, and use an idea generated during my past sports marketing experiences to consult for professional teams and leagues. The conversation made me pull up and vow to start paying more attention to that fired-up feeling. I truly believe everyone has the capacity for feeling passionate about personal pursuits – but not everyone acknowledges or explores it. Or, like me, temporarily forgets from time to time.

In the meantime, things I’m fired up about currently are: planning Darden’s day at Foxfield Races, brainstorming about lots of exciting social events for next year, brushing up on beer knowledge to prep for my summer internship, researching France for my upcoming trip to the Cannes Film Festival, riding Ron the Wonder Horse on beautiful sunny days, adding a new pair of flip-flops to my collection, working on getting to 100 pushups and generally enjoying springtime in Charlottesville. Life is good!