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Life on break from Darden is relaxing. I’ve been sleeping 8+ hours a night, riding Ron the Wonder Horse, cooking meals to freeze for when things get busy, planning two more trips to squeeze in before Q3 begins, applying for internships, interview prep, and generally catching up on life, family, friends and reading.

The holiday was peppered with laughter, fun and of course delicious holiday food. I spent Christmas with my best friend’s fantastic family – here’s a picture of 4 generations of extraordinary women (and Spencer, in the antlers, who snuck in). Yes, it was crazy Santa hat day…

Christmas Ladies (and Spencer, too!)

Speaking of Santa, he brought me an iphone, which I *think *I love. My biggest problem so far? Well, it’s a Princess Problem, really. Which is loosely defined as one of those problems that a girl is lucky to have. Example (and oh, how I wish this would happen to me): when you lose so much weight you have to buy new clothes. See? Princess Problem.

Princess Problem: my new phone system is far too high-tech for me. As my grandmother once told me, a true lady never hates anything, since hate is unladylike – in that vein, I intensely dislike itunes. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to wrassle the music from old ipod to itunes to iphone. And don’t even ask me about ringtones – i’m likely to be stuck with the “Duck” quacking ringtone forever, since I can’t figure out how to make a new one. I think I should fess up as one of the least technologically apt people you know. Sad but true. It may be mostly operator error coupled with having a PC, not a Mac. I suspect that everyone else with an iphone probably has insane functionality and ridiculous apps – my roommate even says his dad can work it. Me? Sometimes I touch the icon for an app and it doesn’t even open (does anyone know why?). And, in the time before my protective case arrives, I’m paranoid about harming the phone, so I’ve taken to carrying it in a clean, lightweight small sock to make sure it’s somewhat protected. Ridiculous or resourceful? Perhaps a stroke of genius from getting enough sleep? Either way, it makes me laugh. What I learned in b-school: use socks to carry phones. Check. Nothing high-tech about that one.