Exams are done! I feel exuberant! enthusiastic! energetic! and just a wee bit accomplished. I can’t wait to leave town (my goal is 1 hour after turning my last exam in) and head out to the real world and do things and see people! And renew my love affair with sleep. Watch out, pillows!

 After our cozy Learning Team 33 Pre-Break-Bonding-Dinner at perpetual Darden favorite Chipotle last night, one of my LT members asked me “do you feel like you learned what you expected to from the first semester here?” Ha! Not a bit. You know me, I love to share key learnings…. But since this is a quick note penned in a rush, I’ll get more substantive later. Till then, here’s what I know:

1. I will not grow up and be an accountant.

2. I will not grow up and be an economist.

3. Elastic waist pants (aka fat pants) are key for optimal studying.

4. I might just be able to make it here.

Leaving the bubble…more updates next week. Have a great weekend!