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At this point, we’re one week away from Q2 exams, which means 2 weeks away from an amazing 5-week semester break. It’s a nice lull to have a few days off over Thanksgiving, before the final 14 day push to the finish. I stayed here in Cville instead of heading to Seattle (sorry, Mom & Dad!) or Charlotte (sorry, fab friends!)…and it’s been fairly relaxing and low-key. To recap:

Wednesday: Sleep. Delicious sleep. 8 hours in a row – that’s an unheard of quantity these days. Funny how everything’s better with more sleep. Gym. And then, an additional 8 hours wrangling cover letters. I have 11 cover letters to write on or before December 4th. As an English major AND a marketer, you’d think I could deftly lasso compound words together to form compelling sentences swimming with secret subliminal undertones of HIRE ME! HIRE ME! HIRE ME! – but no. Grr. Cover letter cowgirl, I’m not. Easy evening dinner with a classmate, who cooked a three-course meal. WOW! Cooking is one of those nice things that can be done with spare time, she reminds me. Oh, right. Cooking. Add that to the list of post-Darden to-dos. I’m dying to learn how to use truffle oil properly, anyway.

Thursday: Finance homework, and a great run outside. Then, hooray for Turkey Day! Grateful to join my best friend’s family at her grandparents’ (BJ & Papa) house in Nelson County with 4 generations in attendance. So warm and wonderful, including a potato peeling party and all the kids (and me too) catching on to yelling “MILK!” simultaneously at the top of our lungs whenever anyone asked for it. BJ made homemade biscuits, with an amazing recipe she’s been using for 60-odd years. Some things don’t change no matter what. Papa reassured me that all I need to know about the economy is this: when you’re as old as he is, you don’t let the ups and down bother you so much. You know it’ll come back up… and go back down, for that matter. His advice? Steady on, don’t look back.

Friday: Accounting homework. Finance homework. Econ homework. Resist shopping all day, thanks in part to Accounting and Finance and Econ homework ganging up (not fair! 3 on 1!) reminding me that as cool as deficit spending is for a sovereign nation, it is NOT good for my own accounts or financial position. What I learned in b-school: stay away from Marshall’s/TJ Maxx. So sad. Did splurge on a haircut, leave 4” on the salon floor, feel smug at how much money I’ll now save in shampoo with a shorter style. It also turns into Old Friend Day: my old and sorely missed friends Gym and Nap paid a visit, then off to dinner at The Local with a friend from college. Delicious food, great setting, highly recommend.

Saturday: riding with Tara! On Ron the Wonder Horse!

Ron the Wonder Horse Rocks!

So, so, so fun. Forget sometimes how horseback riding is one of my true passions… briefly consider quitting school to be a full-time equestrian. Except that didn’t quite work out the first time… maybe better stick to casual riding instead. Cheered mightily because riding chaps purchased in high school still zip easily, despite effects of Darden lifestyle on fitness level (declining) and overall personal circumfrence (increasing). Then delicious sandwiches from Bellair, and study time with a couple classmates. More Accounting. More cover letters. Mix it up with a glass of grown-in-Washington (like me!) Riesling with my Finance. That’s what all cool kids do on Saturday nights, right?

Sunday: Laundry at the laundromat. Gym. Learning Team. That funny feeling you get on Sunday night when you know you have to go back to work, except worse after 5 days off….eek.