Hello Blogland! It’s me, Sierra. I am alive. Just a quick update… they call it Black November here, and I’m starting to understand why. So busy! A recap:

1. Marketing Strategic Simulation – we’ve just finished a 20-hour intense boardroom-style simulation where we, in our Learning Teams, run fictional automotive companies. Who wouldn’t want the new “DeVerde” hybrid model we launched?

2. The Birthday Bonanza (because I can’t resist alliteration, that’s why) is tomorrow night! My co-social-chair Nick is also a Double Hoo with a November birthday. What’s better than a joint Double Hoo Social Crew Birthday Bonanza? One that benefits Darden Food Drive, that’s what! We’ve partnered with a new local bar, Trinity, to support the cause with a raffle. Birthday + party + fundraiser = fabulous!

3. Brand Challenge is next week! This annual Darden Marketing Club favorite is an expo-style event where each team samples products, then surveys the attendees on various elements (taste, flavor, comparison test, etc) of the sample. My awesome team and I are working with Smirnoff, focusing on flavored vodka. Delicious! Thanks Diageo, Smirnoff, Sven & Gwendolyn.

4. Hello, Chicago! I’m leading the upcoming marketing Chicago Job Trek, planned for the second week in January. DardenSpeak: a Job Trek is like a field trip for MBA students to visit companies that don’t come on-Grounds to recruit for internships/jobs. Looking forward to meeting with our alumni base there, too. Do let me know if you have Chicago suggestions for the trip?

Forgive the short post…  more soon… have a great weekend!