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Just a quick update…exams are over. And… I think I passed. They don’t tell us until November 5th one way or the other, which is kind of ironic – I’m plugging away at 2nd Quarter coursework when I could be expelled from school for major flunkage. To celebrate the end of exams, this last weekend was jam-packed: the legendary 100 Case Party, as well as Darden Cup flag football, the amazing Section B Potluck with spicy chicken dip wars, and my personal favorite – the Q1 Mustache Competition. Here’s a lovely pic of my amazing fellow (lady) judges.

A highly qualified bunch.

If you’re wondering where we got those awesome t-shirts, well, I made them. With spray paint and a freehand stencil in the parking lot. I should have signed them, they’re custom limited editions. The competition was a smashing success, with a dozen brave growers competing, all of whom couldn’t wait to shave it off. It takes a brave, brave man to rock a ‘stache full time. Or, if you are two out of the three: unabashedly testosteroney, my dad, and/or over age 55. Old friends will know I’m a fan of the mustache, having helped start a super fundraising charity in Charlotte called Mustaches For Kids, supporting DonorsChoose.org and local classroom projects. I believe in the power of the mustache! A dear Charlotte friend and M4K grower asked me if the mustaches follow me… or if i follow the mustaches. The world may never know. In the meantime, if i did end up flunking, my backup plan will be A) custom t-shirt designer and B) turning my blogworthy post-business-school-expulsion adventures into a book/screenplay/movie. And maybe moonlighting as a freelance mustache judge.