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It’s over. First quarter is over. As the week drew to a close, I had my first jolt of pure terror, liquid panic coursing through my system. Why? Well, it’s because our Accounting professor, in his closing remarks, mentioned that now “you have everything you’ll need” for the exam. Wait – what? I don’t have everything I need. I just have me and my brain, a few notes, and a lot of questionable spreadsheets. The professor announced (in what I’m sure he intended to be a reassuring and calming perspective) that we would navigate the exam fine, if we just used common sense and logically thought through things. My first reaction? What common sense? What logic? I seem to be sadly lacking in both, as I was likely busy getting seconds at the dessert buffet when they were handing these items out. Do I look like a logical individual? (don’t answer that.) Do I feel like a logical individual? Define logic. And what in the world will I do every single day next week when I’m stuck in a room with just me and my brain and a 5-hour exam? On the bright side, I figured, at least the panic is coming early. Which means that it might also leave early, too?

Press. Repeat. Press. Repeat.

Press. Repeat. Press. Repeat.

Another thing this week I’ve been mystified by: what is it with people and the 1980s? Shockingly, my wardrobe has not up until this point contained a go-to 80s outfit, but I’m starting to realize that I need one here. We have a fantastic party coming up to celebrate the end of exams – the 100-Case Party (so named in honor of completing roughly 100 cases in the first quarter – pretty tremendous, when you consider it). It’s 80s themed. I was born in the 80s, thank you very much, and I feel no compelling urge to revisit them. This may, in fact, have something to do with the fact that i wasn’t permitted to watch much television or see many movies as a pre-teen. In a brief attempt to understand what in the world made the 80s so compelling, I popped on over to www.liketotally80s.com. Their description? “that happy little decade between social activism and self-loathing grunge.” Makes a bit more sense, I guess. I started to think – in an attempt to both understand the 80s-love here and review for exams, maybe I could apply classic 80s lyrics to the courses I’ve taken so far. In that case:

Accounting/Bon Jovi – I’m not even halfway there, so “ I’ll be livin’ on a prayer”

Leading Organizations/Journey –strong leaders say: “don’t stop believin’”

Decision Analysis/Whitesnake: “I’ve made up my mind… I ain’t wastin’ my time… here I go again on my own…”

Operations/Cyndi Lauper – When calculating cycle time, remember: “the second hand unwinds… time after time…”

Marketing/Squeeze: how to make consumers “tempted by the fruit of another” product? 

Darden: how could you just leave me standing, alone in a world so cold?  Do you really want to hurt me? I guess I’ve gotta have faith…