Charlottesville, Virginia. The Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. Week of August 17, 2009.

Dear Blog,

OMG. Get me out of here!


After a mad 17-day dash to wrap my life in Charlotte up (quit job, rent lovely HandyGirl House, say goodbye to everyone and move 260 miles north), i’m finally here. And it feels really strange. I keep expecting to wake up in CLT, trot off to BAC, swipe my badge, and proceed to my cubicle. Hey, 7.5 years of bizzy corporate worker-bee buzzing is hard to shake. Not to mention, severe itchy-palm, compulsive calendar-checking-where-am-i-supposed-to-be-next-meeting-madness BlackBerry withdrawal. I miss you, Berry!

So instead here i am going to school. To get a Darden MBA. Do i belong here? Why am i here? (rhetorical questions to be addressed in a semi-humorous manner in future posts). In the meantime, a quick overview from what i’ve gathered so far:

A) go to school from 8AM-1:10PM every day – 3 classes per day.

B) You *must* attend school – no skipping allowed. It’s the “case method” which means you read actual case studies from actual businesses, solve for the quesitons posed, then come prepared to speak intelligently in an informed, educated and contributory manner every day in every class. Which is a comical scene to observe, really, for a 60-person class (Dardenspeak: class = “Section”) of typical Type-A competitive overachievers who are used to being petted and applauded for their superior intelligence, dynamic and impressive personal history, and smattering of unique and appealing talents. More on section discussion later.

C) Go to Learning Team (Dardenspeak: Learning Team, or LT, is a 6-person study group that meets 5 nights a week) from 7PM-10PM or later Sunday-Thursday.

D) Be prepared for LT by having read all the cases for the next day’s classes.  Prep takes 2-3 hours per case, and there are typically 4-6 cases per day.

For all you mathy folks out there (call me! i need to borrow your quantitative brains for a few months!), that’s school or studying from 8AM-10:30PM, Monday-Friday. Did i mention, OMG? Culture (and schedule) shock.

Next posts… THANK YOU WORLD!, Thank God For Mike & Katie, Spare Room Dude (SRD), The Ivy Gardens Panty-Napper, Grad School Couture, Accounting Isn’t Math, Section B stands for BEST, Classes I Will Rock (And Those I Will Not), Can I Get a Hot Tutor, Or What? and other blogworthy topics. Until then – i’m safe, happy, and so grateful to be here!